Amprobe Am-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter Review

The Amprobe AM-510 commercial/residential multimeter is specially designed for commercial and residential applications. It is best used in testing applications like the automotive and electrical.

This equipment is an auto or manual ranging meter used for measuring current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, micro amps and duty cycles in commercial, home repair, automotive and electrical testing applications.

The Amprobe AM-510 enables the user to install and troubleshoot light fixtures, home appliances, electrical sockets and electrical panels. Also, I could verify voltage to light sockets and also electrical continuity.

The back of the multimeter has a tilt stand that allows the meter to be propped on a surface for hands-free use. The Am-510 meter is accurate, enough for homeowners as well as someone in the engineering or construction field.

If you want to get more details about this multimeter, I have made this review to enlighten you about its features and what you will benefits from having this useful device at home.

Power Button/Flashlight

This is the best feature of the meter that I experienced in all its features. The flashlight rocks. It is very bright, and it stays on or off. Thus it never times out at the wrong time. It is found right at the end of the meter near the non-contact voltage detector.

Battery Test

This is the best feature so far I have experienced since I started using this equipment. The battery test checks the amount of charge remaining in standard 1.5V and 9V batteries. It also has the micro amp which reads and identifies current changes in flame standard 1.5V and the 9V batteries. The micro amp also identifies current changes in flame detector applications. Also, the battery indicator ensures your meter never to stop working.

The Probe Holder

Another good feature which I also experienced is the probe holder. It is in the body of the meter and also stores probes when not in use. It meets international elect technical commission safety standard 61010.It is also certified for category 3 installations up to 600 volts.

The Relative Zero Mode

The Amprobe -510 also has a relative zero mode which stores the readings in memory to be used as a zero point for subsequent readings. This allows a quick comparison of readings. It also has the old function which keeps the reading on display, even after the meter is connected.

Non-Contact Voltage Detection

This is one feature of the meter that I had not seen before. I was astonished on how it could work well, yet it was on end. I tested this multimeter, and it worked well on both devices I tested. All you do is to put the selector switch in NVC and wave it around the cord of wiring. This feature on its own adds a lot of value to the AM-510 multimeter making it more unique.

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  • This multimeter is convenient and user-friendly
  • Its dual thermocouple takes simultaneous temperature on high and low
  • The multimeter is well built
  • Has backlight and flashlight functions
  • It is flexible
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Provides accurate results


  • The auto-ranging mode is much slower than would be expected of a meter of this pedigree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is best suitable for this equipment?

A: It is more suitable for home and commercial use than industries.

Q: How does the multimeter work?

A: The Amprobe AM-510 comes with a user manual which guides the user on how to use it.

Q: Is the fuse replaceable after it blows up?

A: Yes, the fuse can be bought and replaced. I have replaced the fuse once and the process was very simple.


The Am-510 multimeter has several positive features thus it outstands the other multimeters. For the price and value, I don’t regret buying this tool. It’s a good buy for everyone, and you won’t regret doing that.

This low priced meter will do more good to you. This is a legitimate meter which is ideal for projects whether at home or any other place. For the most accurate results, you can try this device, and I know you will enjoy using it.

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