The Amprobe Am-530 Trms Electrical Contractor Multimeter Review

The Amprobe AM-530 is an auto-ranging digital multimeter. It is a multimeter of choice to a majority of professional electrical contractors. If you are looking for the best multimeter for your electrical needs, the Amprobe 530 RMS Electrical Meter Is One Fine Option.

This meter comes with a K-type thermos sensor for measuring temperature without the necessity of a separate thermometer. This adds it as an additional advantage. The Amprobe AM-530 TRMS electrical multimeter is an upgrade of Amprobe AM-520 and AM-510.It has improved features and functions already existent in the previous Amprobe multimeter versions.

Amprobe AM-530 TRMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter

It is a perfect tool for any electrician, whether an amateur or a professional in the field. The Am-530 is regarded as true RMS digital multimeter since it can accurately measure a voltage on systems affected by harmonics.

One can measure and verify the presence of voltage before connecting the new equipment performing. With all its features, the Amprobe AM-530 is regarded as a digital multimeter. This amazing equipment has the following features which make it unique from the other ones:


One of the AM-530 most useful features is the volt-sense non-contact detector. With the features, you can check if there is power in the cable running inside the walls socket outlets, switches and much more, without needing to bear any wires. This means that you do not have to use separate tester sticks. Though some of the Amprobe stump meters have more reliable sensors.


It is found right on the top of the meter. Few test multimeters have this extra feature, and it can be a life saver. The flashlight feature makes it possible to read the figure on the screen that is if you live in a place where there is no electricity or if you are working in a dim place. The Amprobe 530 is, therefore, suitable to be used in any place and at any time because the digits can be read very easily with no problem.

Effective Diagnoser

While using the AM-530 multimeter, one can measure the AC and DC true RMS. The power distribution in a system is distributed through the transformers, and the AC should be available. Failure of the diodes in a circuit, it will lead to effective diagnose through the DC reading in it.

Test Probe

The test probe can be used for domestic purposes and electric labs in the universities, colleges, and schools. It is a secure device which has passed the safety standards regulation. It is 0.5 % accurate. This DMM has a built in probe which measures AC and DC voltage up to 600 v.

Audible Continuity

This feature confirms that the circuit is capable of conducting electricity and the diode test detects whether the circuits diodes work properly.

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  • Convenient and has user friendly features like backlight and flashlight function.
  • Safe since it passes the CAT 1 and CAT 2 standards.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It is very affordable cheap and affordable to anyone.
  • Can be used in poorly lit areas.


  • The auto-ranging mode is much slower than would be expected of a meter of this pedigree.
  • It also gives a very narrow vertical LCD angle of view (especially under indoor lighting).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of problems do I expect to encounter when using this tool?

A: The device is designed to make your work easier, and it will properly reduce your difficulties by a larger percentage.

Q: Does this Amprobe has a long durability span or will it just stop working like my previous equipment?

A: This equipment is created in such a way that it can last for long

Q: How does it work?

A: The good thing about this Amprobe AM-530 is that it comes with a user manual on how to use it.


The multimeter is just the perfect addition to an electrician toolkit. It is therefore highly recommended to professionals and DIY electricians who want to improve their work with the best multimeter in the industry. I have used this equipment, and it hasn’t disapproved me in any way, and I love it very much.

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