Best Multimeters – Guide & Reviews

I would be mannerless to write about the best multimeters available today without first knowing the specific purpose of a certain multimeter in relation to the intended user.

For professional electricians, I know exactly what you seek. An excellent, highly accurate and reliable multimeter that will enable you to carry out your job assignments without a fuss.

For beginners, you don't need to ponder yourself so hard. What you require is a balanced multimeter that will make testing continuity, temperature or humidity as easy as pie.

That is why I have compiled a compelling list of the best multimeters according to a simple research I conducted recently to help you find your desirable device as quick and easy as possible.

Why Choose The Best Multimeter?

The reasons why you may want to choose the best multimeter may vary from you, me and someone else. All in all, we all love to choose a great multimeter for excellent performance.

If you are a pro, you will be able to gain the trust of people and become reputable for using extremely competent devices.

For beginners, having the best multimeter will help you kick off your electronic profession from a smart start.

Determine How You Will Use It

In this article, I have put together multimeters, meaning, these meters can perform a wide range of functions; from measuring temperature, humidity and electric currents.

This means that no meter is specific for a certain purpose. That is why you will find out, a meter can serve a beginner, a pro, and a DIYer.

I must say that professionals will look for the best multimeter crafted by a fellow professional because they believe the one who crafted it knew well their needs.

While a DIYer and a beginner will only choose the one they think will help them. They will choose multimeter they can use to apply on household appliances rather than real wires as professionals would.

The Cost

A professional would go for a much expensive device because he or she believes it is of high quality, highly reliable and would be able to give him or her competent accuracy that will level up his or her reputation.

A DIYer may choose a multimeter according to their needs because they would want to use it just for one time then from there, it would be useless.

Therefore they would go for the best but much cheaper multimeter to save on cash. Also, a beginner who is not yet sure of what they want would opt for a much cheaper multimeter to gauge its functionality levels before investing in a more expensive and better one.

The Features Of The Multimeter

The features of the multimeter also will help you choose the best multimeter. A well-accessorized multimeter that features excellent parts is the one to take home rather than a half accessorized one.

A good multimeter has the major features which include; continuity, temperature meters, display screen, test leads, diodes, and batteries.

Things To Consider : The Best Multimeters

​When you are thinking of buying a multimeter, there are major things you need to look into.

First, you have to obtain the relevant information that which will give you the adequate knowledge you intend to use throughout the buying process. Here is what you need to know for an easier way to obtain your new multimeter.


As you go through several multimeters on display or online, you will notice that their prices differ depending on their brands.

It also depends if the multimeter is calibrated or not. A calibrated multimeter is cost more than a non-calibrated one.

So, when you buy a non-calibrated one, you will still need to calibrate it so as to get the industrial results which will eventually cost you more.


What the multimeter has to offer should be another factor you may need to keep in mind. Compare what the analog multimeter has to offer against the digital one.

You will find that the digital multimeter is much more featured to facilitate its efficiency.

For example, an LCD display screen that lets you read values as you take your measurements or the digital multimeter could allow you explore more functions other than measuring electric currents.


A good brand makes a good multimeter. Several reputable brands produce highly accurate and reliable multimeters, unlike others that are not yet there.

Find out the best brands and consider purchasing a multimeter made by them rather than spending your money on the unreliable brand.


When it comes to quality, the brand also chips in because the best brands are known for producing high-quality multimeters. These high-quality multimeters will give you the best results.

On that note, I still insist you conduct research on the manufacturers before deciding to pick a certain multimeter. Also, go through customer reviews from previous customers to gain a better knowledge base.


A multimeter is one of those products that have to be approved before being put up for sale. Testing and approval is meant to ensure top notch safety as you get to use the multimeter.

Therefore, a certified multimeter by a known certification body is way better than a non-certified one. That is why is suggest you look for a certification indication on the package of the multimeter before taking one home.

Recommended The Best Multimeters

If you are looking for the best multimeter, check out our reviews of some of the most recommended products that you should buy.

Mastech MS8264 30Range Digital Multimeter

Editor Rating:

Beginning at the top of my list is the best mastech MS8264 30-range digital multimeter. It has all the elements that enable it to scoop this position.

It is a newly released model by a new and competent brand. Despite the fact that it's manually operated, you can still operate it digitally because it comes with a fully composed digital multimeter.

Let's just say it is very capable of a variety of standard purposes. Measuring of ac/dc voltage and current.

The mastech MS8264 30-range digital multimeter comes with many accessories that are also equivalently efficient and take part in the effective usage of the device. In a nutshell, the device is extremely safe to use.


  • Gives automatic output display
  • Ensures high accuracy
  • Comprises auto polarity functions
  • Nicely accessorized
  • Excellent performance

Other features 

  • Has a backlight
  • Able to store data
  • Has a resettable fuse inside
  • Automatically powers off
  • Diode test
  • Has display


  • Expensive
Tekpower TP8268 AC/DC Auto/Manual Range

Editor Rating:

As a professional electrician, it's great to have upgraded and modern multimeter. It's a shame to be called for a job jet your multimeter frequently makes errors.

Designed for professionals, the Tekpower TP8268 AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter features a non-contact voltage detection which is a newer version as compared to others.

The multimeter also bears a nice backlit LCD screen which will allow you to preview data as you take your measurements and troubleshoot electrical problems.

It lets you know any voltage from 110 volts all the way up without touching the wire itself. The non-contact voltage is a useful feature as well because it will help you find hidden wires that could be dangerous.

Nonetheless, the Tekpower TP8268 AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter is also well accessorized.


  • Reliable battery
  • High-quality device
  • Errors free
  • Serves specific purposes
  • Very useful device
  • LED Monitor

Other features 

  • Auto powers off
  • Has a blue display screen
  • Perfect continuity
  • A pair of test leads
  • One multi-function adapter
  • Cap test


  • It cannot measure extremely high values.
INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

Editor Rating:

Professional electricians can attest to the fact that INNOVA is the Holy Grail when it comes to producing the best electrical devices.

The high-quality INNOVA 3340 automotive digital multimeter is the best tool to help you figure what ills your engine.

It features a magnificent color display which aside from showing you value ranges, you will also be able to monitor the battery condition.

Don't get mashed up by the added rubber guards found all the way round the device, they are meant to protect it from breaking when you accidentally drop the device.

The temperature probe is another fascinating component of the INNOVA 3340 automotive digital multimeter.

It is designed to retrieve then display temperature values either in Celsius or Fahrenheit accurately. All the vehicle engine readings you may need to preview, this is the device for you.

Other features include;


  • Very reliable
  • Very efficient
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Highly accurate
  • Shuts off automatically when left idle

Other features 

  • Very reliable
  • Very efficient
  •  Easy and safe to use
  • Highly accurate
  • Shuts off automatically when left idle


  • It is quite expensive
Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1

Editor Rating:

When you think of comfort, having a device that you can hold in your palms without any problem, Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-functional Digital Multimeter is the one for you.

It is well put together for electricians with small hands like ladies to be able to hold it. The new digital multimeter features advantageous sophistication and modification for quality performance.

 It is an amalgamation of an efficient multimeter, sound level meter, thermometer, lux meter and humidity meter. Don't forget that as you measure your values are displayed on a nicely backlit LCD screen which also enables you to monitor and analyses trends and changes.

 The only multimeter that has sound and light warning for powering on and off and in case of low battery or value change.


  • Comes with a user manual
  • Has warning sounds
  • Has batteries for long time use
  • Competently accurate
  • Nice and comfy grip

Other features 

  • Has a K-type thermos probe
  • Incorporated test leads
  • DMM
  • Lux meter
  • Humidity meter
  • Sound level meter


  • Designed for professionals, it may give beginners and DIYs a hard time.
TP9605BT Android Cellphone Connection

Editor Rating:

Tekpower TP9605BT Android Cellphone Connection and PC based Multimeter is one of the unique and modern multimeters I came across. The ability to be connected with an Android cellphone or a Windows PC makes this multimeter stand out from the rest.

It is so encouraging to use a device that is so handy when it comes to accuracy and accumulation of data. 

You will be able to analyses trends and pinpoint problems effortlessly. Besides that, it features a K-type thermos sensor that will allow you to determine the temperatures of an engine and its surroundings effectively.

With it, you can also count up to 6000. It measures Ohms, diodes and can hold the maximum and the minimum results.With a bright backlight, you will be able to use it in lowly lit environments.

Designed for long-term data measurement, the device can still hold data to let you analyses later.In a nutshell, download the application which is available for both iOS and Android or connect the device to your PC using the compatible optical USB cable that it comes with to enjoy its results.


  • It is a full function multimeter
  • World class electric data obtainer
  • Highly accurate
  • Comes with manual
  • It is fast
  • High Quality 

Other features 

  • Bears the K-type thermo sensor
  • Comes with an optical USB Cable
  •  Has disk for digital documentation
  • Display screen
  • Automatic power off
  • Backlight


  • It is very expensive
AM-530 TRMS Electrical Contractor

Editor Rating:

I fell in love with the Amprobe AM-530 TRMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter. It makes sense when it comes to the budget perspective, and a professional electrician like you will utilize it to its maximum.

It gives you the opportunity to measure and verify the presence of power in volts when connecting equipment or managing repairs. 

You will see that checking continuity and identifying fuses will be like a walk over because once you are assured they are good, you will be at most peace.

When working in low light, you will be able to use the added flashlight to distinguish cables according to their colors and read component values.

For the display screen, it's not just a decoration, but it will enable you to review data both in digits and bar graphs. Yes, it is visible in lowlight because it is backlit.


  • The meter saves probes when not in use
  • Has a tilt stand for a hands-free use
  • Has a velco strap in case you need to hang it
  • It has powerful capacitators
  • The test leads are detachable

Other features 

  • Start up and run capacitors
  • Measures voltage of up to 600
  • Built- in flashlight
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Internal data storage
  • Thermos regulator
  • Lightweight Design


  • It's hard to configure your specific needs
Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter

Editor Rating:

I admire Fluke products so much because of their compactness and their ability to give highly accurate results. As much as they are quite affordable, they still perform impeccably sturdily.

Like the Fluke 114, Electrical Multimeter is an incredible multimeter that was designed by the professional electricians themselves.

It features an automatic AC/dc voltage selection to enable you to troubleshoot any electrical problems affecting your appliances.

One good thing about the Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter is that it is a simplified design that even beginners can use.

It comes with an LED light on the back for light-deprived environments. Its resistance and continuity are top notch helping you acquire accurate figures.

The Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter is well accessorized. You will not have to calibrate it or accessorize it on your own.

These accessories include; holster, an installed battery, test leads and a detailed user manual.

Other features include;


  • Highly accurate
  • Capable of preventing false readings
  • Can measure up to large digits like 6000
  • Great for electrical troubleshooting
  • Long lasting battery life

Other features 

  • Digital display
  • Compact shape
  • Comes with test leads
  • The multimeter is certified
  • Has LED backlight
  • Its portable


  • Not designed for a specific purpose
Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician's Multimeter

Editor Rating:

Most multimeters are designed with a boring device shape and usually have dull colors, but the Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician's Multimeter is so unique.

It has a cool design and classy colors making the device a significant operational tool to have. 

Among many features and accessories it has, the Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician's Multimeter is loaded with modernity, accuracy, and consistency to ensure that you get no errors as you troubleshoot electrical problems.

It has an automatic voltage measurement that also determines ranges to help you analyses clearly where a problem would be originating.

A nice backlight display to make your work easier. Besides, the device can measure AC/dc voltage and current up to 1000 volts and 10 amps respectively.

For you to enjoy long time use, the Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician's Multimeter includes a thermocouple to determine and save temperature values as well as a battery to power it as long as you may need to use it.

Other features include;


  • The multimeter is relatively affordable
  • Designed by electricians
  • Can be used by beginners and DIYs
  • It is reliable
  • Highly accurate.

Other features 

  • Backlit display
  • Analog bar graph
  •  Thermocouple
  • Test leads
  • Battery
  • Data storage.


  • Cannot measure large values.
Extech EX330 Auto ranging Mini Multimeter

Editor Rating:

When I think of accuracy, reliability, and quality, I think Extech EX330 Auto ranging Mini Multimeter. It is undoubtedly a greater multimeter when compared to others. It also the best when it comes to DIYs.

You can use it to test common appliances at home like lights, fans, theater systems and any other electronics.

Testing appliances is quite easy, let's say a wall AC outlet, all you have to do is to insert a test lead to determine the line voltage measure. A task that doesn't necessarily require an electrician.

The Extech EX330 Auto ranging Mini Multimeter features a built-in thermometer and type K bead wire probe for aiding temperature measuring which is eventually displayed as Celsius or Fahrenheit.

If you stay 15 minutes without using the device after turning it on, it has been set to automatically go off because of inactivity.

This may seem like useless features but you just won't realize how much battery life you will be conserving.


  • Advanced functionality
  • Comes with a user manual for easy use
  • The rubber holster is rubber resistant
  • Excellent performance
  •  It is highly accurate

Other features 

  • Comes with a pair of AAA batteries
  • Has an all-purpose type K bead wire probe
  • Includes rubber holster
  • Tilt stand for support
  • Test leads
  • Display screen


  • Underperforms in showing fluctuations
11-function Auto Range Digital Multi-meter

Editor Rating:

When it comes to serving a wide range of functions, the Craftsman 11-function Auto Range Digital Multi-meter takes the lead. It features some interesting parts that are unique from other multimeters.

The Craftsman 11-function Auto Range Digital Multi-meter is fully equipped with a probe and test leads that intend to give you competent results that time you need some accurate information. 

The affordable multimeter is also a good DIY device that can be a must have too in your house hold.

Beginners can also enjoy using the Craftsman 11-function Auto Range Digital Multi-meter because it is easy to read with the display screen and easy to use testers.

The all-out voltage this expedient can measure is 600 volts despite the fact that the unit measures less than a pound.


  • Undeniably easy to use
  • Useful flashlight for lowly lit areas
  • Convenient carrying case for good care
  • It is very portable
  • Its affordable

Other features 

  • Non-contact voltage detector
  • Flashlight
  • Auto power off
  • Test leads
  • Storage/carriage case


  • It gives inaccurate measures sometimes

Final verdict

I know there are many options of multimeters out there to choose from which may totally mix you up, that is why I made things easier for you by putting the best multimeters on your table. What a simpler way to save money and time.

So, as you get the best multimeter I just ask you to ensure that it is the one that will spark confidence in your work as a professional or as a DIY.

Similarly, let it assure your safety, it is time to quit relying on guess work. Get the accurate measurements with the help of a quality multimeter that is budget friendly.

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