Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter Review

Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter, it is a tool that every technician would love to have when making home improvements. There are numerous digital multimeter models in the market, and some are disappointing, some are not.

The Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter is my new impressive tool. It is the kind of multimeter that my electrical toolbox should have. You can use it to perform tests and measurements of various components at home, or on your car.

Fluke 179 ESFP Digital MultimeterFluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter

The multimeter has special features that help it perform better. It is also easy to handle, thus makes your job more enjoyable. This review will guide into choosing the best digital multimeter.


Good news is that the multimeter is portable, which mean you can use it anywhere. The Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter can easily be carried around to different working places. It will never give you a headache to move around or to travel with it.

This is part of the features that makes it a favorite to many technicians. I use it on almost everything electrical, and it helps me solve a lot of electrical problems.

Bright Backlight

The Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter has a bright backlight that shines on its screen so that it can be used in low light situations. Sometimes I use it in the dark, but the backlight is very effective.

The backlight automatically shuts down after a few minutes of inactivity, so it gives you time to take readings. The automatic shut-down feature also helps save power. Thus it enhances battery lifespan.

Drop Protection

The Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter is innovatively designed to be sturdy and durable. It is constructed in a way that it can’t break easily on an impact or when it falls.

A tool might fall, or get hit by the bonnet, but at least it should have protective features to shield it from breakage. This multimeter is protected 1 meter from the ground. This feature improves the durability of the multimeter.

Compatible With Toolpak

The Fluke179 ESFP Digital Multimeter comes with a toolkit that hangs. This tool pack provides easier storage and is designed to accommodate the components being attached to the multimeter.

When you but this multimeter, it comes with the tool pack so that you can keep the multimeter and everything else safely. The holders on it add convenience when taking different measurements.

Minimum And Maximum Reading Memory

When it comes to memory capacity, Fluke 179 ESFP Digital Multimeter is one of the best reading tool tools. This multimeter is very accurate and can be used to perform various electrical measurements and tests.

The minimum and maximum memory helps in troubleshooting of plants and equipment. Also, several components come with this digital multimeter, including for temperature. It can measure temperature within different ranges.

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  • High level of accuracy
  • Durable design
  • Automatic shutdown to save power
  • Versatile
  • Reliable and convenient


  • They don’t include a hanging strap
  • Lousy display and backlight

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Fluke manual or auto-ranging?

A: One interesting thing about the fluke, it does both manual and other activities giving the user its flexibility.

Q: Is there any way I can hang the Fluke 179, ESFP Digital Multimeter. So I have both hands free to hold the test leads?

A: Yeah. It is easy to do that because the tool comes with a complete tool pack with a hook that you can be hung on a nail so easily.

Q: Is the fluke 179 durable?

A: Yes. It has a protective cover that safeguards it from destructive forces. It will help you for an extended period before you see the need to dispose of it.

Final Verdict

Different digital multimeters come with different features and at different prices, but the reality is that the Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter is loved by professional technicians and hobbyists alike.

For a product of such incredible quality, you would expect it to cost more, but it doesn’t. When purchasing this multimeter, don’t forget to order the items that work with it, such as the strap.

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